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"Max is one of those rare chameleons that can bring power and truth to a shockingly wide variety of roles. Working with Max on Money Heist: The Experience was an excellent experience. Max always brought a sense of professionalism, rigor and curiosity to his work. He was able to master multiple roles, each with a very different sensibility and set of requirements making him an extremely valuable asset to the team. As a director, Max was always open to my feedback and engaging in conversations to clarify ideas around the work."

Andrew Scoville, Director

Money Heist: The Experience NYC | Nov. 2021 - April 2022


"I had the pleasure of working with Max for five weeks on Money Heist: The Experience in Brooklyn. Even with almost 40 other actors in the room, Max is truly one of a kind. He is a determined and invested actor, talented and astute as a developing master of his craft. His diligence to honor the inner truth of each character is only outshined by his willingness to drop the ego to do the work. He could (and did!) play every role in the show. He broadened his scope on the show by serving as a character captain for multiple characters - a position that was granted to those who understand the complexity of character nuance in a show of that scale. Max is quite simply a joy to work with, an exemplary cast member, and a true team player. The sky's the limit with this one!"
Megan Bordner, Assistant Director

Money Heist: The Experience NYC | Nov. 2021 - April 2022


"What a pleasure it is to watch Max Beckman work! He has such a clever mind and a keen instinct to make the most compelling character choices. On Stranger Things: The Experience, I found myself both satisfied that he was delivering everything I asked of him as an actor and utterly surprised by how much juice he continually found (that I didn't even know was there) in the characters he portrayed. Can't wait for the next opportunity to collaborate with Max!"
David Wally, Director (Co-Founder & CCO MYCOTOO)

Stranger Things: The Experience NYC | May - Sept. 2022

"Directing Max on Stranger Things: The Experience was exceedingly positive. Max was always prepared, present, and accessible. An accessible actor is one of the most sought-after skill sets from a director, particularly in immersive theatre. He not only is a thoughtful actor but a thoughtful person. His interdisciplinary skill set is high. This skill set gives him the ability to interact with all of his fellow actors, a broad guest diversity, and the creative and production teams. Any production would be lucky to have Max as part of their team and ensemble."

Tom Vannucci, Director

Stranger Things: The Experience NYC | May - Sept. 2022


To Whom it may concern,

I am writing this recommendation letter for Max Beckman. From March through September 2022, Max was a valued Cast Member for the New York production of Stranger Things: The Experience, an immersive theatrical production produced by Netflix.

As Talent Manager of this production, I hired Max and was his direct supervisor. Max was one of our strongest performers and played several roles in the production. As an original cast member, he helped create show content and inform characterizations. He is highly dependable, professional, and personable. He was required to remain in character and interface with hundreds of guests, performing the show 12-20 times per day and he did so with great energy and precision. His roles also required engaging and leading guests throughout the Experience, as well as being well versed in 80's trivia. Max is a very gifted actor with excellent improvisational skills and quickly became a fan favorite.

Max is a team player and was always punctual and prepared. His strong work ethic, positive attitude and upbeat demeanor make him a pleasure to be around. I highly recommend Max for inclusion to any team; he certainly was a welcome addition to our ensemble. 

Should you have any questions about Max's work with us, please do not hesitate to contact me.
With kind regards,
Peggy Magee, Talent Manager
Stranger Things: The Experience NYC | May - Sept. 2022


"When it comes to casting The Number, I knew there was only one actor who could pull off the lead. The character had to have instant likeability, seasoned comedic chops, and a genuine depth of humanity. As soon as I finished reading the script I called Max and offered him the role. Max elevates an entire production. His sheer presence inspires better work, and I would jump at the chance to work with him again."
Michael Bernardi, Director (Tevye/Inkeeper in Fiddler on the Roof 2016 Broadway Revival) 
The Number (Staged Reading @ JCC Manhattan | Dec. 2019)

"I worked with Max Beckman and the production of The Brothers Khan - An American Story, where he took on the difficult role of a young Chechen immigrant turning terrorist. Max is a highly gifted and skilled actor and worked hard to find the complexities of this character, the traumatization and dysfunction that led to his conversion to violence. Aside from his creative commitment, Max is a true ensemble player, a wonderful colleague and easy to work with in the collaborative process that defines a rehearsal period. He continually strives to grow and I hope he achieves the professional fulfillment that his talents deserve."

Katrin Kilbe, Director

The Brother's Khan - An American Story (Broadway Bound Theatre Festival NYC | Aug. 2018)

"Max Beckman is an actor that works with his full heart and loads of passion. He makes strong choices. He's eager to get messy and explore. Max experiments with abandon while in process, then skillfully shifts to become focused and specific for performance, all while maintaining an uninterruptible connection to his impulses and artistry. He is a delightful collaborator and a joy to direct."
Doug Paulson, Director (Arts Professor of Voice and Speech, ETW @ NYU Tisch Drama

Enchanted April (Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church NYC | March 2017)


"I have been in the TV, Film, and theater industry for over thirty years. When I work with a new cast of actors on an original play in development I have to admit I get a little nervous. When the dialogue is just words on a page you don't know what to expect as the actor brings them to life. Max Beckman brought commitment, enthusiasm, and most importantly brought an open mind to the role. He listened, and learned, and watched the other actors, took direction and he absorbed it like a sponge. Most importantly, he laughed at the producer's jokes at the appropriate times. Max's talent became even more apparent during the first preview of the play when he gave it all and showed the director, fellow cast members and the audience his "stuff". I am looking forward to working with Mr. Beckman again."
Steven Fialkoff, Writer

The Number (Staged Reading @ JCC Manhattan | Dec. 2019)


"Wow, that could be on air. I don't need another take. Great work!"
Judy Henderson: Judy Henderson & Associates (3 week class @ One on One NYC | March 19, 26, April 2, 2018)
After taking her class, Judy called Max into her office on 4/10/18 to audition for the lead in the Feature Film, No Name Restaurant. While he wasn't chosen for the role, he was one of the final 3 actors up for the part, and received a final callback and met with the writers and directors, Stefan Sarazin and Peter Keller.

"Wonderful adjustment! You have a lovely presence and I love seeing your fun, quirky personality come through. Well done!"
Marci Phillips: ABC Entertainment (2 day Masterclass @ One on One NYC | March 24 - 25, 2018)

"Strong choices. I like what you did. Let's play around for fun."
Beth Bowling: Bowling/Miscia (1 day intensive @ One on One NYC | April 10, 2018)

"Solid, natural impulses and connection to the scene. Makes me want to see more of you."
Freya Krasnow: Bowling/Miscia (1 day intensive @ One on One NYC | Jan 22, 2018)

Acting, NYU Tisch Drama (ETW) | Sept. 2013 - Dec 2015 

"Max brings a wonderful commitment to his work- he always showed up ready and willing to work. He has such a lovely passion and curiosity and hunger for the work. His physical/vocal connection to acting is very strong. Bravo!"
Terry Knickerbocke
r (Meisner Technique/Scene Study)


"His work was excellent. He truly gave himself over to the process and let himself be emotionally vulnerable. He was a sponge. From the beginning, I experienced Max as intent, thoughtful, warm, and curious"
Andrea Arden (Physical Acting/Grotowski Meets Shakespeare)


"Max's commitment to the training at ETW is inspiring. He always involved himself so thoroughly in any work we did and made himself emotionally available- particularly in scene work"
Catherine Coray (Physical Acting/Scene Work)

"Focused, invested, willing and courageous. Usually one of the first to work in any given moment, but never pushy or overbearing, truly a joy as a collaborator. His interest and enthusiasm were often the catapult for the rest of the class"

Alyssa Ciccarello (Speech and Dialects)

"Max was well prepared and worked with great diligence and focus. He threw himself fully into the training and character improvisation structures. He was able to apply his discussion directly to the scene work and he took note very well. His work on the scene was intelligently crafted and inventive"
Kevin Kuhlke (Improv/Physical Acting/Scene Study)

Unarmed Stage Combat Certification:
Recommended Pass "acknowledges that, in the opinion of The Society of American Fight Directors, this person has, not only demonstrated a technical proficiency, created a sense of tension and the illusion of danger, but has also performed with a strong sense of character and demonstrated a hig
h level of acting or performance technique in the above discipline/s"
David Brimmer and Michael Chin (SAFD)

"He feels on the edge of breaking through to a fuller experience of himself"
Cecil MacKinnon (Linklater Technique/Monologue Work)

Voice, NYU Tisch Drama (ETW) | Sept. 2013 - Dec 2015 

"He has so much to work with. Indeed this theme of coming into a balance of unbridled freedom and careful sensitivity played out throughout our time working together"
Lisa Sokolov (Embodied Voice)

"Max was always ready to work, deeply engaged, searching for integrity. I love the tenderness he found in his falsetto, and the strength he found in his high tenor range"
Richard Armstrong (Extended Roy Hart Technique)

Movement, NYU Tisch Drama (ETW) | Sept. 2013 - Dec 2015 

"Max discovered and embodied the principles of the form more than any other in the class. He has an advanced understanding and is unafraid to take risks. I've rarely seen someone take to the material so quickly"
Bradley Teal Ellis (Contact Improvisation)

"Max has an incredible aptitude and desire for understanding the work. He is diligent and thorough in his practice. He has a lovely presence and is a great partner"
K.J. Holmes (Contact Improvisation)

"I believe Max has potential to go very far as a dancer if he chooses. I saw glimpses of an enthralling performer"
Martha Tornay (Postmodern Dance/Ballet)

"It is obvious that Max has had prior dance training. Max is also very receptive to constructive feedback and immediately tried to process corrections given. He frequently asked questions so that he could better articulate each detail and nuance in the movements. He has a commanding presence and he moves with precision, confidence and power while capturing sensual and subtle gracefulness. He is a beautifully expressive dancer and I believe he has a lot to say"
Pat Hall (Afro-Haitian)

"Max was a great student to have in my class. He was very reliable with great work habits, and works well with others. His nature is open and serious, and he has a deep inquiry into his work and works hard on how best to realize his potential. He was particularly able to combine his past movement training with new class data. He came up with beautiful work several times. Max is someone who is really starting to understand the connection between theatre/acting and dance, and the unique possibilities available for a grounded arts adventurer, which he is"
Paul Langland (Postmodern)

"Max kept an active journal of process notes, made connections from our classwork to other coursework, and thoroughly engaged with the varied methods we worked with. It was clear that he reviewed and thought about the work outside of class. Max has a very articulate body"
Gwen Welliver (Postmodern)


A Winning Weekend show at Wissahickon (High School, Lower Gwynedd, PA)

"I attended the Broadway version (Jekyll & Hyde) 75 times, the Bremen, Germany production 3 times, and after the closure of the New York production, had attended most East Coast regional performances (including high school, colleges, dinner theatre, community theater, etc.) losing count after 200 different shows! On a side note, I am also an accredited Judge in the Miss America Scholarship Pageant system and have also been a 3-year evaluator of the Pennsylvania’s State Theater’s Freddy Awards Program recognizing excellence in outstanding high school musical productions. Needless to say, I feel with my passion for musical theater as well as my love for Jekyll & Hyde, I am more than qualified to write insightful reviews of the musical. I ask for your indulgence in what may become a lengthy review yet feel this high school’s production, its cast and production team deserves a proper review for the Jekyll & Hyde archives on our Fan Club page.


Sincerely acknowledging the other talented performers, in MY opinion, the standout performance of the evening was that of Max Beckman’s portrayal of Simon Stride. Simply just witnessing his presence on this stage is truly what inspired me to write this review. During a final night performance curtain call speech, Mr. Beckman recognized an acting coach’s simple advice: “acting is reacting”. Beckman has truly mastered this lesson. Each and every time he was on stage - even as an “extra” in group scenes, this audience member was drawn towards his performances and away from the main action on stage. He was not over-acting - simply “reacting” to what was happening around him. Yet, I was so impressed with his “reactions”, I chose to view him as to not miss a moment of his well-toned craft. During his introduction as Stride during the “Board of Governors” scene, we witnessed Stride’s detest of Jekyll as he diligently took the meetings minutes at the same time conversing with one the Board members to add to the disagreement of Jekyll’s proposal. As Jekyll shouts at the Board, Stride “jumps” in shock in his chair!  Stride appears inebriated as he stumbles around the “Engagement Party” floor and approaches Emma to convince her to change her romantic notions towards him. Although his vocal abilities are briefly used in this scene, I found myself thinking that this young actor (although possessing a look of Raoul) would be a delight to see perform the lead role in Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. Portraying a simple Red Rat patron during Lucy’s opening number, you once again observe “reacting” to the enchantress as he coaxes her. As a background dancer in a later scene, you are once again drawn to his precise movement to each and every note heard. (It was not a surprise to learn later in the evening that Mr. Beckman also studies the art of dance!) During the final “Wedding Scene”, as Stride witnesses Emma committing herself to Henry at the altar, you again see his apparent dislike of Jekyll and are almost convinced he will stop the wedding when the Minister asks for any objections. Planning to attend NYU after high school, this triple-threat actor/singer/dancer’s name is sure to appear in a Playbill in the near future. As I continue to attend theater both on Broadway and off, I know I will continually search for the name “Max Beckman” and fondly recall “I knew him when….”

Donald J. Simon


Allentown, PA

Viewed on March 9, 2013

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